Chad & Renee at Super Bowl XL!!!

Chad and I have been swamped since our return from the happiest place on earth (no not Disney World)... THE SUPER BOWL!!!!! I finally have pictures for you all here! I hope you enjoy them.

We had the best time and it truly was a dream come true to be there and see our beloved Steelers win and become World Champions. You know what fanatics we are, so to us... it was better than our wedding day!!!! We both agree so it's okay!

We got in on Thursday before Super Bowl and toured the city, scoped out Ford Field and then had dinner with our favorite clients, Chris Smith and family (who were ever so gracious in offering us a place to stay while in Detroit!) As you can see we decked out my car in all Steelers and it was a big hit around town and in lots of pictures.

Friday we checked out Hockeytown Cafe, where KDKA TV did their news from and ate there... there was a big sign in the doorway that said Welcome Steeler Nation and it definitely was a Steelers bar that week! We also checked out the Steelers hotel on Friday and got to see some players (Jeff Reed, Mr. and Mr.s Bettis and some others) which was fun.

Saturday we watched a lot of ESPN and NFL network and rested up for our big day, especially since Chad wasn't feeling well to start with!

Sunday we arrived in town about 9 a.m., lucked out with some great off street free parking about a hundred yards from the stadium... we didn't go to Hockeytown since it was already like a three hour wait! We instead went across the street to Johnny Rockets and had a great time there; some of the waitresses even had on Steelers stuff! We got in line for the stadium at 1:30 and were inside by 2:05!!!! So as you can see in some of the pictures, we were one of the first one's in. It was so cool to be amongst so many Steelers fans. I believe they said officially it was 90% Steelers fans ... so that would be 7,000 Seahawk fans to 63,000 Steelers fans! It was a pathetic turnout by them; Steelers fans travel anywhere for are beloved team even in regular season. In fact Seahawk fans had to pass out their copycat green towels at entry... we bring our own terrible towels, no freebies needed! When the Seahawk fans would yell SEAHAWKS in the stadium, the rest of us would yell SUCK! It was fun! We also greatly booed Tom Brady and Larry Brown when they were announced... Tom Brady laughed! We sat in the Steelers end zone four rows from the field, which was cool, but not a great view of the game. We did get a great view of Joey Porter and company taking pre game photos, as you will see.... and also of the NFL postgame show. Aretha and Aaron stunk up the National Anthem; it actually sounded worse in person. The Stones were just okay. I was there to see football though! Winning was something else, unbelievable and oh so much fun! It was worth every penny spent and also worth the box mac and cheese we will eat for months now!

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Renee and Chad!